The Walls

Welcome to the campaign!

A quick introduction

Highfort is a fortified city. Its walls are thick and tall, made with old stone and smart minds. It has held off attacks from all sorts of monsters and men.

Highfort is known to attract all kinds of men to the city. Some to trade, some to train, some to steal and even some to kill.

Our heroes are an industrious bunch. They know that there is much to be done in a city such as this have created a guild of sorts to organize themselves and get as much money and power from the city that they can. The guild is made up of many different characters all with their own goals. Some may have theirs eyes on piles of gold, others on powerful magic items, other to avenge those they care for, others for political power.

Who knows what exciting jobs will pop up for our heroes?


blindestman blindestman

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