The Walls

The Tavern and A Crazy Gnome

Godlings are mean :(

Our heroes are Michael, Keenan, Ethan, Teddy, and Collin (Don’t know their character names) were doing what everyone does in a Tavern. Everyone started to notice a man at the front, sitting at the bar, he just seemed a little bit strange. No one did anything of course but this man really doesn’t like dwarfs so he encased Michael in stone, this made some of them strange yet they didn’t attack him. Upon seeing the power our beautiful little gnome wizard jumped up and of course stole the godling’s magic. At first no one cared but the now weak man begged and promised them everything they ever wanted because his father is a god, who wouldn’t go for that?

And so their journey started, when they left the Tavern they wandered through a barren wasteland, which happens to be where the Tavern is, following the godling. But nothing every goes right in life, all of a sudden there was a door just in the middle of nowhere. The godling said go in so they did and… that didn’t go very well for them. They were immediately attacked by a tentacle monster that refused to attack Michael for no reason, it was strong but they were stronger.

Keenan took a giant swing at him with his hammer and dazed him, Teddy stabbed him with his daggers, and Collin took the fatal shot with an arrow which happened to miss its target and kill the thing instantly by hitting it’s heart. And so they wen’t on, they finally made their way out of the swamp, reappearing in the barren wasteland.

And so it will continue next time…


blindestman Lawkodi

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