The Walls

Welcome to the campaign!
A quick introduction

Highfort is a fortified city. Its walls are thick and tall, made with old stone and smart minds. It has held off attacks from all sorts of monsters and men.

Highfort is known to attract all kinds of men to the city. Some to trade, some to train, some to steal and even some to kill.

Our heroes are an industrious bunch. They know that there is much to be done in a city such as this have created a guild of sorts to organize themselves and get as much money and power from the city that they can. The guild is made up of many different characters all with their own goals. Some may have theirs eyes on piles of gold, others on powerful magic items, other to avenge those they care for, others for political power.

Who knows what exciting jobs will pop up for our heroes?

The Tavern and A Crazy Gnome
Godlings are mean :(

Our heroes are Michael, Keenan, Ethan, Teddy, and Collin (Don’t know their character names) were doing what everyone does in a Tavern. Everyone started to notice a man at the front, sitting at the bar, he just seemed a little bit strange. No one did anything of course but this man really doesn’t like dwarfs so he encased Michael in stone, this made some of them strange yet they didn’t attack him. Upon seeing the power our beautiful little gnome wizard jumped up and of course stole the godling’s magic. At first no one cared but the now weak man begged and promised them everything they ever wanted because his father is a god, who wouldn’t go for that?

And so their journey started, when they left the Tavern they wandered through a barren wasteland, which happens to be where the Tavern is, following the godling. But nothing every goes right in life, all of a sudden there was a door just in the middle of nowhere. The godling said go in so they did and… that didn’t go very well for them. They were immediately attacked by a tentacle monster that refused to attack Michael for no reason, it was strong but they were stronger.

Keenan took a giant swing at him with his hammer and dazed him, Teddy stabbed him with his daggers, and Collin took the fatal shot with an arrow which happened to miss its target and kill the thing instantly by hitting it’s heart. And so they wen’t on, they finally made their way out of the swamp, reappearing in the barren wasteland.

And so it will continue next time…

The Front Gate
Every wall has its weakness

Our heroes, Kim the bard, Cassidy the Warlock, Ness the fighter, Legolas the Cleric, and Aurdy the Ranger, have been walking all day to the walled city of Highfort. As night falls they see the farms surrounding the city. In the darkness, standing in the fields, are the silhouettes of field hands loitering in the fields, our party remarks how it is a bit late to be farming at this time but makes nothing more of it.

As they approach the main gate to Highfort they see a single guard standing on night watch, obviously the time of war is past. The guard stops them a ways from the gate asking them why they come to to Highfort in the middle of the night. Kim quickly responds that she needs her beauty sleep and needs in. In the middle of her explanation a farmer covered in dirt wanders out of her grian field in between the gaurd and our heroes.

The farmer holds his hand up towards the guard and pauses a moment and then suddenly his hand explodes into gore. Something shoots out of it and streaks towards the gaurd. A pink/purple crystal is lodged in the breastplate of the gaurd. He seems confused and scared of what just happened. After a moment his right arm begins to shake and spasm, he tries to stop it with is left arm but then his other arm begins to shake too and just a moment later his whole body does.

As the gaurd falls to the ground so does the farmer with the exploded hand. Our party goes to look at the obviously injured farmer to help. He moans and tries to get up but Kim pushes him down. The guard gets up too and the crystal is all the way into his chest. He doesn’t look scared or injured. He looks determined. After a moment he walks towards the heroes, spear in hand. Our heroes are trying to figure out if the farmer is okay when he tries to get up. Then the guard charges. Ness moves between his friends and the charging guard. He attacks before the guard gets a chance to strike, missing with his shortsword but connecting with his scimitar. Legolas moves to help Ness but as he passes the downed farmer, Legolas gets swiped by him. Luckily Legolas is too fast for the farmer to hit. Kim tries to behead the farmer for doing that but just barely misses. Audry shoots with her bow towards the gaurd and misses as well.

The fight will continue next time…

Supernatural Situations
A near arrest and several deaths later..

The fight continues in a flurry.
A spell cast from the warlock incapacitates the injured farmer with a fit of laughter for a slim minute, allowing Legolas to tie him up, and the focus to shift to Ness, who cuts down the hostile guard with a hulking blow. The party, sighing collectively in relief, letting their weapons hang at their sides.
Just then, a call is heard from above the walls, a guards head poking above the stone. Their self defense had not been seen as such.

As guards hustled to the doors, the farmer was brought forward. The party stumbled over themselves to explain the situation, until a guard says he recognizes the farmer, and asks the groggy figure what happened. The farmer responded with a noncommittal “Nothing,” and his jaw hangs slack, open. His tongue began to become almost engorged, becoming more purple with each second, and the group stood in confusion at the sighting.
In an instant, a purple flash, a crystal, shot from the farmer to the guards eye, causing him to scream in agony. The guard next to him promptly stabbed the farmer through the chest with his spear, dropping him dead.
The crystal was torn from the guard’s eye and thrown into the field, and in the commotion Legolas went to retrieve it.

Taken captive, the party was lead to the guard tower. There, the captain professed his faith in their story, but conveyed that he wasn’t certain of their fate in the eyes of the town’s lord.

They were held at an inn for the night, and the next morning, they received grim news: Several attacks like the one that the past night had occurred. Every victim was neutralized. The only survivor was the lord’s own son, who had been whisked away after the incident and locked away.
Our heroes were cleared of suspicion, and offered a quest; to help find the source of this calamity. If the town survived it, they would receive a great reward.
The adventures accepted the offer, just as curious as the town itself.

So far, their search has not proved fruitful..


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