The Walls

Supernatural Situations

A near arrest and several deaths later..

The fight continues in a flurry.
A spell cast from the warlock incapacitates the injured farmer with a fit of laughter for a slim minute, allowing Legolas to tie him up, and the focus to shift to Ness, who cuts down the hostile guard with a hulking blow. The party, sighing collectively in relief, letting their weapons hang at their sides.
Just then, a call is heard from above the walls, a guards head poking above the stone. Their self defense had not been seen as such.

As guards hustled to the doors, the farmer was brought forward. The party stumbled over themselves to explain the situation, until a guard says he recognizes the farmer, and asks the groggy figure what happened. The farmer responded with a noncommittal “Nothing,” and his jaw hangs slack, open. His tongue began to become almost engorged, becoming more purple with each second, and the group stood in confusion at the sighting.
In an instant, a purple flash, a crystal, shot from the farmer to the guards eye, causing him to scream in agony. The guard next to him promptly stabbed the farmer through the chest with his spear, dropping him dead.
The crystal was torn from the guard’s eye and thrown into the field, and in the commotion Legolas went to retrieve it.

Taken captive, the party was lead to the guard tower. There, the captain professed his faith in their story, but conveyed that he wasn’t certain of their fate in the eyes of the town’s lord.

They were held at an inn for the night, and the next morning, they received grim news: Several attacks like the one that the past night had occurred. Every victim was neutralized. The only survivor was the lord’s own son, who had been whisked away after the incident and locked away.
Our heroes were cleared of suspicion, and offered a quest; to help find the source of this calamity. If the town survived it, they would receive a great reward.
The adventures accepted the offer, just as curious as the town itself.

So far, their search has not proved fruitful..


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